Bali is one of small islands of Indonesia’s Archipelago. It attracts visitors because of its people and its living culture.

Balinese kids go to a temple ceremony
The Balinese people live in harmony facing the modernization without leaving their old traditions based on Hindu religion and their indigenous belief and culture.
Here we are ready to escort you to find the answer why you should come to Bali
A cremation tower
Jump into a natural pool

    We are a group of Balinese people who care about Bali and its culture. Our purpose is to answer the questions why you should come to Bali.

We organize some trips to explore and understanding the island, the people and their living culture in Balinese way.
July on duty
   We offer you some options to explore and understanding Bali in a very special way. We will take you to the places which you never imagine that Bali offers.
You can experience their way of life which are handed down from generation to generation without having ’xenophobia’. To see how they can harmonize the old tradition and the modern life, such as finding the answer of traditional offerings to the God through the web.
Early morning on the slope of Mount Agung

 You can choose the way we explore such as traveling through typical Balinese villages, rice terraces, tropical fruits and gardens, temple in the deep rain forests, waterfalls, staying with Balinese family in a remote village, make some interaction with the local, experiencing their daily activities and much more. 
The prices we quote include airconditioned car, gasoline, and an English speaking driver who also acts as your tour guide, insurance for the car.




ULUWATU SUNSET & KECAK DANCE                                                                                                                                                                       
Duration (5 - 6 hrs)

Your first stop is Melasti Beach, a hidden gem on the Bukit Peninsula
Uluwatu Temple from a distance
We continue our journey to visit Padang-padang beach where you can lay down on a secluded white sandy beach.  The last stop will be Uluwatu temple to watch the sunset while watching the famous Kecak Dance


Duration 6 hrs

This activity will take you to explore, experience and be involved in Balinese arts and crafts. The exploration starts from Tohpati, where we will take you to one of the Batik factories to see how they make the batik and make your own batik. The next village is Celuk to learn about Balinese jewelries. A stop will be made to visit a waterfall,
Tegenungan Waterfall. For woodcarving, we will take you to visit one Balinese woodcarver family in Mas village. Lod Tunduh in Ubud will be our place to study about Balinese paintings. The last visit will be at the monkey forest and the traditional market of Ubud

FULL DAY ACTION                                                                                                                                              
Duration 8 - 10 hrs

This tour is a complete introduction of Bali, its history, art, culture and its nature. We will start the day by visiting Batubulan village to see Barong & Kris Dance.
The figure of Barong

The next stop is the village of Tohpati to watch the villager applying their talent in making design on white material to make a piece of Batik cloth. Then we proceed to visit Celuk village to witness the artisan making intricate design of Gold and Silver jewelries. Then we will take you to Batuan village to visit an old temple from 11th C.
The tour will be continued to visit Kemenuh village where you can see how the local woodcarvers make their statues of hard woods like ebony, mahogany, sandal wood, etc.
We drive through typical Balinese villages, temples, rice fields ascending to the higher elevation. You will see the vegetation change from short rice plants to giant ferns, tropical fruits, coffee trees, clove trees, giant bamboo trees. We will have a chance to visit a local garden to explore how the local people make their herbal drinks and the famous Luwak Coffee. Then we reach the caldera of Kintamani where you will admire the magnificent view of Mount Batur and the adjacent lake, Lake Batur
Having Lunch with Mount Batur View

After having lunch at one of the local restaurants and taking some pictures we will drive back through different scenic road to visit a holy spring temple in

Tampaksiring village, Tirta Empul Temple.
beautiful rice terraces in Tegallalang, finally we will stop in Ubud village. In Ubud, we will introduce you to one Balinese family who live in their traditional house compound, where you can learn their daily life.



This tour will take you to explore the eastern part of the island. We will drive directly to LempuyangTemple.
The view of Mount Agung from Lempuyang Temple

Gate to Heaven at Lempuyang
Then we drive back and stop at TirtaGangga. A detour will be made to visit TamanUjung to visit the old water palace of Karangasem Kingdom. A relaxing stop is suggested at Virgin Beach, a small piece of beach which is surrounded by hills. The next stop will be made at TengananVillage before heading back to hotel.
Taman Ujung

Tirta Gangga



Tukad Cepung
On this tour we will take you to visit Tegenungan Waterfall near Ubud.
Tegenugan waterfall
After exploring Tegenungan we proceed to Tampaksiring village to visit the Holy spring temple of Tirta Empul.

The last will be at Besakih Temple, the Mother temple of Bali which is located on the slope of Mount Agung
Pray to the Supreme Being at Besakih

WEST SIDE EXPLORATION                                                                                                
Duration 8-10 hrs

The tour will take you to explore the west part of Bali. After passing through Kuta we will drive through Tuka village where you will see how the Balinese live in harmony. In this village, you will witness typical Balinese houses in two religions, Hindu and
Royal Family Temple
Christian. The next stop is Mengwi village to visit TamanAyun Temple, The next stop is Pelaga village to visit Nungnung Waterfall.

 Afterward we will take you to Bedugul area to visit Ulundanu beratan temple, through a scenic route, rice terraces,

After having lunch at one of the local restaurants, we continue our trip to admire the most beautiful rice terraces, 
Jatiluwih.traditional villages, valleys, coffee and clove plantations, etc.
Driving through beautiful panorama of rice terraces, valleys and volcanoes we will arrive at outer yard of Batukaru temple, an old Hindu temple in a deep rain forest. After exploring the temple, we drive downhill

On the way down to TanahLot, we will take you to Pejaten village where you can see how the local make their ceramic in traditional way. The last stop will be at Tanah Lot temple, an old temple dates back to 16th C.

The temple was built on a tiny rock off shore, an opportunity to take picture of the best sunset.



This tour will bring you really close to the nature of Bali. We leave from hotel at 7.30 am. Drive directly to Pelaga village to visit Nungnung waterfall, an
Nungnung Waterfall
extra exercise is needed. The waterfall is located in a valley surrounded by rain forest.After finishing the track we will drive through scenic route to reach Bedugul, where we will visit Ulundanu Beratan temple. One of the mascots of Bali. From Ulundanu temple we will be going north

visiting Banyumala waterfalls, a short stop can be made at the main gate of Bali Handara Golf to make some pictures of its iconic gate. After enjoying the serenity of Banyumala Waterfalss, swimming is highly recommended, we will enjoy the magnificent view of the twin lakes before we drive back to hotel

KAWAH IJEN and BROMO TOUR                  
  For those who like to enjoy the real adventure on volcanic trekking we challenge you to explore these two active volcanoes on the neighboring island, Java. The first volcano is KawahIjen. 

 This volcano is about 3000 m tall. The highlight of this volcano is the yellow crater which formed by its sulfur.  The best time is during the sunrise when we capture the phenomena of the reflection of the sun rays on the yellow crater of the sulfur.  Besides we will also witness the struggle the local people mining the sulfur in traditional way and carry it downhill.

The second volcano is the famous Mount Bromo. In this area we will enjoy two different things. First we will take you on 4WD vehicle to Penanjakan Peak to witness the beautiful sunrise and then see the Bromo crater.
The adventure starts from your hotel in Bali. We move westward leaving the touristic area of Bali to the scenic route of the West coast. A stop can be made in Tanah Lot temple, a temple which was built on tiny rock off shore.
And then we continue driving through the rice terraces, swinging palm leaves, stretching mountain on the right and fascinating surf beating the shore on the left hand side.  After passing through the west Bali national park, we will be arriving at the west tip of the island to catch the ferry.

It takes about one and half hour crossing the Bali strait we arrive on Ketapang village where we check in at a hotel to spend the first night.  You will be woken up at 04:00 to start the trekking. A 4WD jeep will take you climbing up the mountain through coffee plantation and drop you at Paltuding village. From here we continue the adventure on climbing the Ijen volcano.

After finishing the adventure at Ijen we drive downhill heading to MountBromo.
Here we will spend a night and do the adventure on 4WD on the following morning. Again we start the day from 4.am on 4WD to explore Mount Bromo and Penanjakan peak

After coming back from Bromo, we have breakfast at the hotel and ready to drive back to Bali

NORTH BALI OVER NIGHT                                                                            
3 Days 2 Nights

This action is offered for you who want to explore the island in deeply. It will give you more chance and time to enjoy and understand what Bali offers without being in rush.

Tanah Lot
Hot Spring

First Day
, we leave your hotel in the south coast to TanahLotJatiluwih, Ulundanuberatan Temple, Banyumala Waterfall, Banjar Hot spring, Check in at your hotel in Lovina.

Second Day, we wake you up early in the morning for dolphin watching tour. After finishing the tour back to the hotel to take shower, breakfast and packing your luggage then we depart to Sekumpul Village to visit the best waterfalls in Bali. The next stop will be Kintamani for the volcano and the lake and also stop for
Sekumpul Waterfall

Visit a small plantation where we can learn about tropical herbal, Bali coffee and Luwak coffee. We continue our trip to Tampaksiring temple, rice terraces in Tegallalang and the last stop is Ubud.
Tampaksiring Temple

Third Day, after having breakfast we start the exploration on visiting a Balinese family in their traditional house. Take a walk into the monkey forest. 

Visiting the Elephant cave temple, the wood carvers in Mas village, the Balinese paintings in Lod Tunduh, silversmith family in Celuk and the Batik village in Tohpati and then back to the hotel in the south.

EAST BALI OVER NIGHT                                                                                                                                                    
3 Days 2 Nights

First Day, we start our day at 8.30. Drive to Batubulan village to watch one of the most interesting dances, The Barong Dance. Then continue our exploration on Balinese art by witnessing the Balinese artists at their work onBatik in Tohpati, Silver and Gold in CelukWoodcarving in Mas village and Painting in Lod Tunduh. One stop will be also made at Tegenungan Waterfalls

The next visit is the ElephantCave temple, GunungKawi Temple, Monkey forest and check in at your hotel in Ubud.

Second Day
, we visit a Balinese family in their traditional house, rice terraces in Tegallalang, Tampaksiring Templecoffee plantation and Kintamani for the volcano and lunch. After having an Indonesian lunch then we drive to BesakihTemple to admire the biggest temple of Bali or the Mother Temple.
Finally, we drive through mountain villages, rice terraces on a very scenic route along the east coast and finish at Candidasa where we will spend our night.

Third Day
, we will drive directly to LempuyangTemple. Then we drive back and stop at TirtaGangga.
Tirta Gangga

A detour will be made to visit TamanUjung to visit the old water palace of Karangasem Kingdom. The next stop will be made at TengananVillage before heading back to hotel

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* White Water Rafting   There are two rivers where you can do the white water rafting. First place is Ayung River. This river is located in the west part of Ubud. There are many companies which organise it.
The second place is Telaga Waja or T - River. This river is located in the east part of the island. The Rafting on T - River is more adventurous.
Finish Point of T - River Rafting



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